Every Path Has A Few Puddles, 2023
Solid Ash killed by the Emerald Ash Borer, shellac, pigment, acrylic paint, latex paint, gesso, ink, roofing tar, inkjet transfer, aquaresin, foam, luan, hardware, found chrome, old crescent wrench, lighter, custom stickers, custom bumper sticker that reads “It sure is what it sure is,” In N Out sticker, flannel, Dolly Parton pin, gifted embroidered dog, losing Megamillions lotto ticket, drink token, broken American Spirit cigarette, tiny ziplock baggy, ketamine, positive Covid test, Miller High Life bottle cap, fake diamond, found Goodyear figurine, ceramic clown figurine, candy from Felix Gonzalez-Torres installation, flattened rusty can, found hear no evil see no evil speak no evil bear magnet, found mirror, modified Chevy truck decal
2409 Grapevine Dr., 2023
Inkjet transfer, joint compound, acrylic paint, vintage plastic strawberries on MDF structure

Contentment Ceremony, 2023
Oil paint, acrylic paint, latex paint, pen, pencil, inkjet transfer, headphone pads, baseballs, laminate, fake worm, uranium glass, chrome bathtub grab bar, caulk, sandpaper on wood and MDF structure
Winner’s Circle, 2021
Pine, maple, shellac, pigment, found wood, concrete, hardware, acrylic paint, spray paint, inkjet transfer, roofing tar, epoxy putty, tuna can, caulk, candle holder, burnt candle, rusty nail, three dice, five one dollar bills