God Only Knows (No Only God) (2019)
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Wood, MDF, pegboard, screws, shellac, gesso, latex paint, acrylic, oil paint, pencil, pen, Arches Oil Paper, stainless steel ticket rail, brass hinge, pegboard hooks and baskets, electrical outlet, power strip, red lightbulb, dual head LED grow light, broken lucky mug, Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon ‘O’ stopper, ceramic planter (empty) made by Adriana Jamieson, metal bamboo-style candle holder, NYC Department of Finance envelope, (4) NYC Parking Violation tickets, (1) NYC Transit Authority Violation ticket, torn periodical title reading “ENDLESS BUMMER,” monoprint on paper with etching ink, rocks, plastic alien, lava lamp, wine opener, doll chair, Tabasco bottle, “Ken” doll underpants, tomato pincushion with pins, fake pear with spray paint cap, prescription drug bottle without label, Garfield “IT’S NOT THE HAVING IT’S THE GETTING” trophy, ceramic “After Taxes” figurine, child’s red “Marshall” mitten, black 3 ft. USB 30-pin iPod charging cable tied in noose, dented hubcap

Tribulations & Libations Triptych (2019)
    [left to right]: Watering Hole, Up but Not Right, Racing to a Red Light
Oil, acrylic, pen, pencil, xerox transfer on three panels
48x20x4” each

Gifts for All Occasions (2019)
Acrylic, pencil, hand embroidered socks, shot glass, rye whiskey on artist's panel

Bathers (2019)
Pen on artists panel with paperclay

Fall From Grace (2019)
Oil and acrylic on artist’s panel with string and brass plumb bob

Things Are Finally (Oh Yeah) Lookin Up (2018) 
Wood, MDF, Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Pen, Gel Transfer, Salvaged Metal 

Garden of Earthly Fruits and Vegetables (2018)
Wood, acrylic, pencil, pen, fake pear, pincushion, found card, salvaged wood, poker chips, sunflower seeds, iPhone charger, electrical outlet and wiring 

Home Movies (2018)
Oil, acrylic, pencil, pen, found paper, doorknob and hardware on panel

Long Trip Down a Silky Road (2018)
Oil on canvas

Out of Pocket (Big Girl Thin Ice) (2018)
Oil on canvas

Killing Time (2018)
Oil on canvas

Easy Allegory (2017)
Oil and pencil on canvas

In This Together, Neighbor (WorkMachineWorkMachine) (2016-17)
Oil and pencil on canvas

Digression (asdfg) (2016-17)
Oil, pencil and pen on canvas