What Deconstruction Begun (A Series)
(The three large panels on right)
Thesis Project for Lewis & Clark College Art Dept.
from left to right:
-The Forgiven Generations
Oil on Wood
Three 96x48x2" Panels (244x122x5cm each)

deconstruction. imperfect manipulation of an imperfect medium. what's mine and what's yours. what adds and what subtracts. push pull. give take. what reaches deep in thrusty grabs. process. line. disintegration of the body. the dissolving nest. the dissolving frame. the corporeal frame. vanity. vexation. extravagance. overabundance. enough! or too much. that guilt. that hiding. that running. that falling. that sharp line cutting. following a path. choosing a path. stability of the past: instability of memory. altered memories. altered states. altered countries. humanimal. i cannot escape it. mother land. mother's milk. milking the day. milk to grow strong. how is it i extract strength from the milk i drink? dust. rust. lust. touch. depreciation. decay. stained. tainted. neglected. overexposed. underprotected. 

here is what i think.